Reviews for "Mr. T Vs MM Power Rangers"

its only a 5 for interactiviy cuz you have to read

this was awsome i never missed a episode of power rangers i hated A team.... but this is great! pink ranger was hot but i got a thing for asians so yellow rocks my world!

ha ha

i love these things! Good job dude! Get me a glass of milk

I love it

Greatest movie ever, i think some people arent old enough to remeber the power rangers and the ateam

YAY! for Mr.T and Hulk Hogan

Man this is a cool movie, i got butterflys in my stomache when Mr.T's theme song played, i love it!

All you need

graphics terrible, sound terrible, but sometimes all you need is a good laugh. Don't let anyone bum you dude, this was weak stuff. Specially when hulk came outta nowhere.