Reviews for "Mr. T Vs MM Power Rangers"


I was laughing my ass off entire time. Anything with the OLD Mighty Morphin Power Rangers + Mr.T + Hulk Hogan = a joy ride. This reminded me of how cheap the power rangers use to be lol classic stuff. Ah but that pink ranger is SOOO HOT hahahaha.


i pity the fools who thinks think they cant defeat Mr T. Come on now, the man kicked cancers ass, of course hes going to kick yours too.


anyone who thinks this sucks.....sucks because it's cheaply drawn and that's what makes it so fucking funny damn that was FUCKING funny Mr. T is funny

It's funny cuz' it's true.

Great idea and very original concept. Hilarious movie. Hysterical! Funny as hell.

Helluva Effort

Thats all I wanted to say.