Reviews for "Mr. T Vs MM Power Rangers"

this takes me back to when I was in highschool. Ah memories.


Mr. T kicks ass!

That was helluva awesome! Really funny, too! Also, the animation kind of reminded me of the television program, "Tom Goes to the Mayor". Furthermore, I greatly despise the Power Rangers, so it was great to see them receive their comeuppance in this flash! It was all very well done! Mr. T is the man!

Don't Mess with Mr. T

With the new A-Team movie coming out, the Mr. T vs X series should be popular again. Mr. T is the best thing to come to Newgrounds since Numa Numa and Pico and Michael Jackson. Mr. T fighting the MMPR is a 100% Epic Win because it takes two of my favorite childhood things Mr. T and the MMPR.


these kind of graphics I always found eratating- but the way MR. T TORE THEM APART like the nerds the power rangers are, I found completely worth it!!!