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Reviews for "~EnV~Heaven Rd. 2 (Ng mix)"

Wat the hell are you talking about....

this is his song that he made and recent people saw it and used it on the flash games that they made so shut the f*ck up and enjoy wat this guy created.

Great work and keep it up you might be at the top!!!!

can anyone say amazing?

thats what i think it is
honestly ive listened to the songs above this one and honestly most of them are crap to me and maybe 1 or 2 good ones
this is #1 in my book (^.^)b


very good beat
good transitions
very good rythm
it flowed very evenly

great job man, keep up the good work!


sounds more like techno-dance 2 me and if u listen real hard, u can hear a strain of video game in it 2.

I AGREE 100% WITH Box-Killa

i came across this song a year and a half ago and still LOVE IT TO THE FULLEST!!!! it has so far been by far my favorite and STILL IS even with the music collection ive racked up on newgrounds. but either way box-killa is right 100%..... good songs- wait scratch that my bad- FUCKIN AWSOME GREATNESSS IN ITS PRIME songs shall never...... be..... forgotten. this song is one example =]

hope the newgrounders enjoy this masterpiece cause itll be around for a LONG time.

as always \../<(-.^)>\../ ROCK ON!!!