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Reviews for "~EnV~Heaven Rd. 2 (Ng mix)"

Worship and praise to thee

Hey my new favorite audio guy on NG
Not much to add.
Keep up this kind of work!! Damnit!
Blessings and such

- Psy -

P.s. yes i am a bit mentally unstable, thanks for asking yourself that.
I still hope this praise wont go on phillistine ears. ;) gg

Envy responds:

Haha, I'll try to keep up this type of work, now that I've been working on touching up certain aspects to help create a better listening experience XD.

And I DID ask myself that exact question, how did you know?

Glad to be on your favorites!


supernice lead!! the instruments that does the mainmelody is soo nice :D
the bassline should be just a litl lower i think
very nice and variated melodies!
nice beat also! keep it up.


Envy responds:

I love the melodies ^.^

I agree, the bassline was a tad loud, but oh wells.

Thanks for the review!


Damn good music. its really fun to find this kind of music on NG.

There is lots of bad music and some stars like this one.


good job!


Envy responds:

There is a lot of bad music on newgrounds >8(

People need to start stepping it up to bring good stuff! Spread the word!

Thanks for the review!

Bombin' shit

Great stuff. Lovely synths, great drums, voice samples fit perfectly, melodies of pure pleasure, clever structure and perfectly mixed.

Awesome song.

Good to see ya again too.

Envy responds:

Hah, good to hear from you on this. Wasn't sure if this was your "bag" baby. But glad it worked with you! Thanks.

I took such a long break to work on my mixing and such, so whatever sounds better is thanks to my time "away."

Respect earned here

I haven't been one for dance/techno whatever you would like to call it for you years. But This by far is a very wellmade peice.

As stated by Father of Death, the beat is very steady. You keep a very solid tempo to the song by never changing this up.
Your Synth and Piano are completely on point. Each fade over each other at the right time and are never so over powering that it takes away from the song.
Most common problem you find with most dance music is that some segments, or parts of the songs are to long. Your timing is perfect, always giving us something different at just the right moment.

Not a huge dance/techno fan here. But you still did a great job XD

Envy responds:

I'm glad I did a good job, especially coming from someone who isn't a big fan of electronic music! Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it!