Reviews for "Canon (Soft-trance remix)"

Classic, Remixed.

This is one of my favorite classic songs and you did a good job blending the classic and the new (trance). It's really a good variation from hearing orchestra version. This sure has a nice happy beat to it and still retains the original canon notes. I'm surprised no one used this song for their flash movies yet.

Great Remix

I loved the original Canon and this remix is reviving it to a better form. This is likely the best remix of a Classical song and my favorite on Newgrounds.

c-choirboy responds:

Thanks. Many people like it and that's great, but The original is the shit.

Wow, this is amazing

Honestly, this is one of the better songs on Newgrounds. Granted the beat is killed you blended it perfectly into the Techno genre

c-choirboy responds:

Thanks. My wision was to make a trance song out of this one without loosing or change anything from the original masterpiece.

not bad

i prefere canon rock myself but this is pretty good.

c-choirboy responds:

Rock on dude! There are many great canon-versions out there. Glad you liked this one.

You got me

I usually HATE trance and techno and all things not guitarish, but I have a slight passion for some classic music, and this is a first-grade remix. I love it dude. Favourited for sure.

c-choirboy responds:

Thanks. Glad i could give you a litle difrent musicstyle. I play guitar my self, so I also like heavy metal, but Classic music has a special place in my heat.