Reviews for "Canon (Soft-trance remix)"


This is the only version I've heard that doesn't take away from the greatness of the original while still giving a fresh sound. You did an excellent job.

c-choirboy responds:

My plan was from the beginning to keep the feeling of the original and just put some trance stuff in it and remix. To much trance would kill the song I think, I don't want to do that.


Cool song! I love this song a lot! It feels relaxing.

c-choirboy responds:

You should try the original then. Now THAT song's relaxing...


Badass beyond badass. I've given a couple 8/10s and 10/10s tonight, but this is the first song I'm going to download. Top ratings from me all around, and kudos, my friend. Keep it the hell up. I'll be checking out your other submissions too. 8D

c-choirboy responds:

Thanks. i'm glad you try my other stuff to but this one is my best I think (this far).
Thanks also for the download man.


this is a perfect trance remix for this song. i've herd a couple trance remixes for this, but the techno was too heavy. but this is just right

c-choirboy responds:

This is after all a "soft trance" remix of the song. Spiriax and I wanted to keep the classical part and just use a touch of trance.

This is Cool

It totally fits. Somehow, This classical song totally blends with the techno. Its crazy. Im freakin out. Wait, you made it do this. YOU DID THIS!!! GASPUMS!!! 5/5