Reviews for "Canon (Soft-trance remix)"

very nice.

it was definitely great :3

c-choirboy responds:

oh yeah thanks so much!


Canon is one of my favourite clasical music songs, and you made me love too much this song, sounds great.
Very calm.

c-choirboy responds:

Glad you liked it!

i loved the original

and i love this, just as good as the original, so soothing and calming, you sir or maddam are a genius

c-choirboy responds:

haha! Thanks, but the real genius is Johann Pachelbel wo made the original masterpiece :)


You did good to honor your canon. The piano mixes very well here. My complements.

c-choirboy responds:



You kept the music true to the original, what most others fail to do. Song's really peaceful and I enjoy it. Keep up the good work.

c-choirboy responds:

Thanks. Keep the original was my plan from the beginning.