Reviews for "Canon (Soft-trance remix)"


very smooth melody. i like it alot!

c-choirboy responds:

Glad that you did :)

:D :D

I can do this song on the piano :D

c-choirboy responds:

me to! Lets make a Club :)
haha, seriously: I love to play this song on the piano. It just is so fun to play I think.

Pretty good!

Well, I like it, but I think it could use more synthetic sounds. But other than that, awesome!

c-choirboy responds:

maybee, but I was afaid that it almoust would become to much synthetic sounds if I not used something like an piano and cut dow on the strings.
Thanks anyway!

Generic techno meets marriage.

I don't think its BAD, just not too GOOD... I definately don't think it deserves much higher than a 3.5/5...

c-choirboy responds:

all right! Thanks for the respons anyway.
I appreciate all comments!

Not bad.

it's no different from the original, just different instruments.
But pretty good as a soft version, which is what the original was...
Considering how easy it is to change cannon around and keep the good sound, you could have done better...

but good job anyways...

+*. Special Ed .*+

P.S. I'm pretty sure that it's spelled Cannon. Not canon as in BOOM-DEATH canon. But that's just what my music book said...

c-choirboy responds:

Kanon, Cannon or Canon.... i don't know what the real spelling is, but Canon works fine for almost everyone I think.
Well about your critic about not changing the song to much:
My plan was to keep the original because I thought that it would fit in just perfect for a rance song. So I can understand that some people want more change in the song, but I can only say that you have to find an outher version in that case, but thanks for listening to this version and your comment.
I appreciate all comments!