Reviews for "Canon (Soft-trance remix)"

What a beautiful song!

I love the piano part that starts in around 01:27. Rarely I have seen (or heard) someone using piano like this. Awesome! This is the first trance song of this kind that I have heard. Soft trance really is good. I'm for sure going to review your other songs too, hope they are equal to this masterpiece. This is just too long, otherwise, it's a perfection. =P

c-choirboy responds:

thank you bery much! But I use Fruity Loops on this song so its not me playing on this song, but I love to play this song on the piano but never recorded it.
I'm glad you liked the song and i'm going to put upp more songs in the future but so far i just have 2 (the ather song was my first Fl song ever).
I cut om about 1 minute from the original but maybe it's still a bit to long, but i think it's just about the right to have it this long.


Truly a great remix of a classical song

c-choirboy responds:

Thank you so much! I love the original song so i just HAD to make o nice remix =)


Pretty cool good job!

c-choirboy responds:

Thanks a lot! But i couldnĀ“t have done it without Spiriax help