Reviews for "Canon (Soft-trance remix)"

niceley done

I like how you replaced the guitar.

c-choirboy responds:

Replaced the Guitar?

nice selection of a song

you remade this pretty well. with a soft song like this it would have been easy to overdo it, but you didn't. nice job

c-choirboy responds:

Thanks! I tried to keep it as much like the original as possible.


Good Remix. I suggest you listen to Minister's version of it. This and his would be FANTASTIC remixed together.

c-choirboy responds:

Thanks man! I tried to find this Minister user, but I didn't find anyone =(

Love the bass..

The bassline you have going is great... I just wish there was more trance elements in here..

The classical stands out more than the trance part does, but it does go over very well regardless..

I have a remix of this too though, it's like the opposite though.. LOL.. it is in classical, and has more synth-type elements (Serenity if you want a look)

Anyways... back to the review.. the transition out of the intro sounded great.. but the percussion sounds a bit awkward through the beginning until it comes in steady in the later half of the intro.

Other than that.. maybe if you used some sort of trance saw for the melody.. I think that would be amazing here.

5/5, 9/10 -Echoz

c-choirboy responds:

I tried to keep the classical and make this song a classical song with a bit trance. Stay true to the original was importent I think.

Needs some more musical dynamics!

Like, buildups and mellowing down, making the song flow. For example, that kick drum can get really annoying if it's droning on for close to all of the the song. I found that I liked the beginning, then the middle seemed like the beginning repeated over again. The ending was very mellow, and maybe the middle could have used some of that feeling to contrast with the more upbeat parts.

-Not bad though, just needs some polishing :)


c-choirboy responds:

I'm a bit confused but ok. I did cut off about 1 minute from the original but....
Thanks for the review