Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite XII"



Sirkowski responds:

Let's say "semi-god", I don't want to get the big head... ; )

I agree with Mofohustla on this one...

I think we need an episode where Blackie takes her top off, reveals her breasts, and makes them bounce, but that's just the pervert inside me talking...

<Do what the pervert says! He's a psycho! He'll kill me if he doesn't see bouncy breasts!>

ps2 doesn't suck

you just try GTA vice city on the ps2 , after that you won't say that it sucks .

anyway , good movie


Great. I love the look of the characters, PS2's really do cost a lot of money, well, not as much as they did back when you made this, they have dropped. Keep up the good work.


That nerd reminds me of somebody...

Namely myself. Good job on the flash though, especially the different games.