Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite XII"


Kind of funny. Sub-par for the most part.

Funny As Hell

I have to say that this Miss Dynamite is THE funnest if you like playstation 2 games and want to see weird games you have never thought of the this is your cartoon!

another good movie keep em comeing

that was funny, how come the back streetb boy can still walk after there last encounter lol any way, the thingb was funny espesially the pokemon bit or wen the nerd gets wegied lol any way keep the movies comeing

Good movie

Good combinations of topics, should of been longer.

Pikachu and Misty...

OOOkee... that was awkward and hella funny. Bastard pikachu. I lol and almost pissed my pants on that one. PS2s cost $350? I got mine for less than 100 on e-bay. Never mind I didn't see the origin date. Keep up the good work. PS2s, chicks, and violence is a winning combination. KILL TEH FSCKING BACKSTREET BOY!!!