Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite XII"

an alright movie

it is missing the babalicious content that i was looking for

Wat r u on about!

PS2's rule, Xbox's suck like a dyson vaccum cleaner.

any thing thats diss ps2 is good

they sould kill the butt f boy and buy a xbox

This one was great!

It was a bit different from the others, and that's good!


Hilarious, yet, another thing i have to say. See, just because a person where's glasses(and is either of the next traits:Braces, band player, zits coming off his schlong) doesnt mean he's a dork. I got glasses, braces, and i play in a band, i love consoles to! Guess what? I'm a hard ass, i dont screw wit you as long you dont screw wit me. But you might not wanna do that, cuz' i'd wipe the floor with you. So see, not all glasse wearing kid's are dorks. No, this did not subtract from the score, i just gave it a 9 because i felt that's what it deserved.