Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite XII"

Bastard pokemon

That Donald duck hunting game looked pretty fun but you should get to eat the duck.

Just like life : Love it or Lump it !

Thouroughly enjoyed the flick - great game industry parody ... wait , that's how it is though !! DAMN ! lol
~ personally , I appreciated the pre-load ~ preferable to a straight wait I.M.H.O. .... Keep up the ++entertainment !

hahaha ps2 does suck

pretty cool oh yea and the preloader thing sucks cause you think it's starting and then it doesn't so i think you should change that

found it!

i found the easter egg, when the movie is all done with and the screen to restart the movie is on, don't do anything just let it run for a couple minutes and it will say YOU BASTARD and let you play a dress up of blackie where you CAN take off her bra and panties, she has a nice bush by the way.