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Reviews for "Invader Zim Soundboard"


I like the part when Invader Zim said "You Lie"

i love zim

i just love zim...hes brialliant. i love this soundboard too as a result...you get 5 from me pitiful wormbaby!

ps. give us more please...and, "who r u" should be under greatings.

pretty hilarious

Id say that it was great overall, very funny quote choices, especially with the eggs one. If anything I would also increase the number of quotes and maybe make more for different characters (Gir and Dib say some funny stuff too).

I give 3.5 because... Everyone knows why, by the way, sometime I feel like the smartest one with Gir and ya Zim... ._.

Not bad, plus, it's Invader Zim. Zim is awesome.