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Reviews for "Invader Zim Soundboard"

good times...

This is good i like the quotes and i have used it for a prank call already. I always used sandwitch boy ^^

nice to see something different

this was a pleasant surprise. nice to see peole are thinking of things other than movies!


ok this was interesting not the best far from the worst more sounds and you got yourself a winner
(p.s get more characters)

Victory is Mine!

Gotta give it up for soundboards, and even more for this one since it's Zim :P

The sound quality was excellent, crystal clear even on a set of crappy old speakers I own.

If you decide to do another, try adding a few more graphics to it, or even a silence button.

Hope this constructive criticism helps ^.^

Have you met my friend, Pastulio?

lol, nice job man. try putting in more quotes next time though XD