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Reviews for "Invader Zim Soundboard"

Yay!! Fun!!

Fun with Zim voices ^.^!! Whoohoo!! Fun fun fun!! Hah, I don't know what else to say.. Nice layout and all that.. Fun fun voices ^.^;; Fun idea!!


I'm in mad passionate love with Zim and Jhonen (the creator) so yeah,... I naturally love it =)

It's only fitting!!

It's only fitting that the star of the whole show to get his own soundboard. GIR has one so why can't ZIM?

Good one


hay zadr ur gay

zim doesent like men you fagot. and why is there bacon in the soap.. great game

You Lie!

Even before I found out about Invader Zim( witch is the most awsome show ever!), for whatever reson, I would say NO, YOU LIE! to like, everyone. So ya, what an odd coincidence.