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Reviews for "swift dragon: part iii"


this is sooooooo cool, it only needs sum matrix effects ;-)


haha that was awesome, loved the action, i disagree on people asking for matrix effects, it would ruin the style completely. some awesome reversals int his too, would be better with a few more against lung tao, keep it up.

truely origonal martial arts, i love it:D
keep submiting

w o w

awesome animating skills dude ... amazing :o keep up the good work

Good Job

Great man but he gots to get hit sometimes lol...anyway i would like to see more of this keep up the good work

That was the Shit!

That was such a good video. You sketch is about as good as "Kid's Story" from the "Animatrix". I thought you did a great job. I'd like too see more of that. Keep @ it!