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Reviews for "swift dragon: part iii"


Fucking awesome! i think i saw the first or second part a while back, cause i can remember ur animation style. This must've taken some time, but the effort u put into this movie has deffinatly paid off, it looks like it was done by a professional =) good job

I would have givin you higher but.

My sister hurt me.Really bad.bad bad bad bad.


most of the moves weren't even from Jeet Kune Do, and when they were they were used improperly! You didn't even show the JKD stance; you showed Muay Thai and Savate!! I hope you do better on part 4!

naz-1 responds:

You obviously don't know anything of Jeet Kune Do. I've been practicing it for 10 years I think I'd know what is or ISN'T from Jeet Kune Do. Most of the moves are in Jeet Kune Do, however I made them more fancy for the eye candy. He was using the Jeet Kune Do on guard position what are you talking about, there was no savate or muay thai stances. you are a fool for voting low simply because you have no idea about the art.


Its was rly good fight scene but i noticed the background pic wasnt properly aligned at sum times and i didnt think the sound was vry good.

Not Bad..

The sound at times wasn't clear,more like distorted,but otherwise i really enjoyed this..Trace or whatever you might have done..I still feel as though it was still a very well done piece of flash..