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Reviews for "swift dragon: part iii"


retarded people fighting is better than this...damn i just gave away my flash idea

That was worse than when I was in 'Nam

Bad audio, just zooming in and out... that sucks...

So. So.

I wanna begin by saying this reminded me ALOT of Genryu's Blade from shockanime.com, Im sure thats something u were aiming for. You need to work on drawing your characters from any angle. Sound was ok, but nothing to good, they were sorta annyoing. Violence... Well That was pretty much the whole show! No interctiviy/humor, and my own score of Download time is 0 because that was HUGE.
So, You got a score if 21/7=3, and 3/2=1.5 Rounded Up=2 Good Job

It ok...

i like it.. i would never be able to make that.. but the body parts and backrond were a bit seprate and fell apart but other than that.. IT IS REALLY GOOD!!

I liked it...

It was actually pretty good,I never seen part one or 2 but I will watch them...but the reason you got a 9 was because of the sound effects,all the "hiiyyaaa" and stuff like that,it sounded like a cat getting raped by a grizzly bear...other then that it was an amazing game.
Thumbs up!