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Reviews for "swift dragon: part iii"

Good graphics

Really good graphics but the kick & punch sounds really sucked fix the sounds


cool!! that kicked ass

the graphics were beast and the neck breakin part was sick i can't wait till part four

Good Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol i love bruce lee dog, that shit was HOT!!! The movement of his feet where so alike, it was like watching a movie of him! That was ABSOLUTE!

wow....,wow....,wow man that was so awesome

wow....,wow....,wow man that was so awesome

Well... I dunno

It was cool n all. Drawings alittle sloppy unless that was the intitial intent. The sound was poor. The animation was good tho i think you might have had help from outside programs for those. Also, since he is wearing sunglasses that signals that this is modern times. And on that note, he could have easily pulled out a glock and pump some shotty into that foo'z body. =P