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Reviews for "swift dragon: part iii"


k that was pathetic, im sure u can make a "good" flash with those skills

naz-1 responds:

I'm looking at your profile Mr_Window and this is what I see:

"Flash by Mr_Window:
- none - "

You can't expect me to take your review seriously can you?

I love Bruce Lee...

but the only thing that kept me from giving this movie a full 10 is the fact that you didn't choreograph your own fight scenes. Instead you Imported the movie "The Game of Death" and probably "Return of the Dragon" and copied the scenes right out of there. Oh well its good, but you should've not put the Matrix music in it.

The other people who reviewed this movie obviously don't know anything about Bruce Lee movies and start to complain about how there are too many pauses during the fight...YOU IDIOTS.

Oh yea and you spelled Defense wrong....in the beginning credits.

naz-1 responds:

I didn't spell defence wrong. that's how it's spelt over here. not everyone is american you know.

I'm glad you like my movie, I did choreograph my own fight scenes, some of them were from bruce lee's movies but most of them where my own.

wow thier actually moving!

I like the style its looks all hand drawn and things. I just like it cuz its differnet. That white guy got his ass kicked though.

Very Original, with Pros and Cons.

This was a great action movie. There were too many long pauses, and too many uneccessary close-ups. Everything else was satisfactory or above. you put some work into this, and it turned out well. But, next time try to make less camera angles, unless it's neccessary.


This was a pretty awesome movie. Jeet Kune Do is one of the most interesting martial art forms out there. Great work on this, more more more!