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Reviews for "swift dragon: part iii"


Make much more of em', goddamn there good, man man man, grr can't get enough of it, i allready watched it 5 times before i voted and reviewed upon it...

JKD...yeah right

You have dishonored Bruce Lee and JKD with this flash. You take credit for tracing a video. You should be ashamed of yourself. You claim to practice JKD but I am sure it is just rip off. A true JKD student would never steal. If I were you I would erase this account and start from scratch. You may fool many people with your tracing but there are still some of us that see through your tricks and lies. I suppose you will get daily feature for part 4 but it will be empty because you know that it has only been traced like your other work. If you want to honor Bruce Lee, be original. I trained with real JKD instructors. Who did you train with? The knock offs who claimed they met Bruce Lee? If your instructor is certified he would be apalled at your flash. I'm sure he is probably a fake though.
Good luck rotoscoping. It will get you nothing in the end.

naz-1 responds:

Of course a take credit for tracing a video. Who do you think made the video I traced? ME! I choreographed the movements with my webcam. Then I traced them. I practice Jeet Kune Do. My instructor was trained under Dan Inosanto.




Excellent flash, but not enough detail :/, the same punch to the face repeatively got a little old, but was still good ^^, gJ.

That was pretty cool

Hey great job the animation was smooth and the fighting was great when it hapn'd. The only real problem was the way thet the fight scenes stopped every once in a while. Otherwaise you did an awesome job. Make another one.