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Reviews for "swift dragon: part iii"


sorry...dumb...boring...overall crappy. however, that song at the end kicked major ass! it was sooo neat'n'stuff!


really i CAN'T BELIEVE this has a score like this. when will u people learn to vote for the movie/game with the style, creativeness & imaginativity. all good in this is down to the graphics which are pretty good i guess but that's all the author has to offer. wow you must sure lead a boring life if you like this. it's not worth the load at all author...


unlike the other reviewers i didnt like that at all
the sounds were squeeky, the walls werent animated well, and the fights were choppy and wasnt sync right at some places with the sound

with a little touch up though this could be a great flash movie

Unoriganel and repetative cant beleave i waited fo

one word boring
same old same old
i want some GTa style stuff man this stuff just a waste of space on newsground for what its worht


i really wanted to see the last guys fight.
hurry up and finish so i can watch it.