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Reviews for "swift dragon: part iii"

Graphics were a bit choppy.

I thought ive seen this in a certain movie.... Was it "Game Of Death"? I don't remember. Good movie though.



nice work dude im suprised..... ^_^ keep up the good work

Post Of The Weak.

your movie was great. My ratings tell you everything.

Quote Of The Week

Perhaps some of you know perhaps some of you haven't. Authors tell me this "Flash By HardJudge NONE" it makes me laugh when people do that. 2 authors told me that, meaning people do accually click my profile. Why is it even existed? anyways well how DO YOU GUYS know that Im making a flash animation or not you dont even know me. I could be making a flash, but I dont want to start making shitty flash animations like everyone else. Authors out there becareful what you say you might get bitten in the ass, if I do release my animation.

whats up with your sound, dude?!

Oh wow. Actual ANIMATION! At last! Im getting so tired of that shitty "draw arms then make them rotate" crap-ass excuse for animation. This, tho: this was a gem! a rare gem! Awesome, man.
But get some better sounds. That was annoying. Along with your japanese pop(or whatever it was).

...oh and reviewers can KEEP YOUR OUT$$WARS.COM SHIT OUT OF YOUR REVIEWS!! Goddamn you ALL!


You got to admit the blood was badly shown. The sound effects were exagerated. And the background music kept restarting. Maybe you should have gotten a better song. But all in all. This is the best flash animation I have ever seen on Newgrounds.