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Reviews for "swift dragon: part iii"


Sorry man, but this was just motion capturing Bruce Lee and playing a 5 second music clip from Rob Dougan's "Chateau" over and over. I can't help but say that this really wasn't that great.

Good Show!

Very good, smooth animation. You made all the movements clear so everyone could see what was happening.
In most animated films, they make things unclear.
ANd for you people out there, yes, it IS bruce lee!


THIs was pretty fucking funny all thoses noieses and i liked when the guy wit the white shirt didnt have hands any more and started fighting wit hit stubs That was shitty graphics but they were good most the time good movie keep the shit up O and the guy wit the orange Won ha gave the movie away

Reminds me of a bruce lee movie...

Pretty nice. The Guy in the orange is wearing the almost exact outfit from a Bruce Lee movie ive seen can't remember the name but ill get back to you about that one. :)

That Was Nice!

Dude that was pretty cool, the guy in the yellow or orange has masterd fighting and talking like a dog...LoL! I thought that was pretty good and i allso thought it was funny for somereson lol. but they way they talked was lame but nice work make another one plz! or if you have another one i don't knwo about inform me plz!

Good work keep it up