Reviews for "(WF1) Moonlight Knight 1.7"


This is the greatest song, in my opinion of course, that you've written! It's catchy and a great tune, but still slow which is not always the case on NG. Most people like fast-paced and upbeat songs. But this is still catchy. I think the only bad thing about this song would be the lack of effects on the percussions. Save that for the 2.0 release!

wyldfyre1 responds:

yeah, the percussion is something i keep saying i'm goingto work on hah. problem is i usually don't. Thanks for the great review =)

Yay, another from wyldfyre \o\

The song is great... but I think the beats you used here are just HORRIBLE... They have nothing to do with the music itself. I think if used some more "orchestral" beats (if you know what I mean), it would be just awesome.



wyldfyre1 responds:

yeah, the beat in this was actually something simple so that i could change it in the future because i just couldn't think of a better beat at the time. when i get over this damn block i'll see what i can do about fixing up that beat in this heh.. As always thanks for the review man!

A Great Song!

A great song!!!
Keep up the good work!

wyldfyre1 responds:

glad you liked it =) Probably gonna do more work on it as time goes by! Thanks for the great review.

Good job, front page again :)

congrats on getting there once again wyldfyre!

personally, from hearing some of your newer tracks, I can't say I like this one as much. It's too repetive, basic, and "presetish" for my tastes :)

The intro was kinda weak, over time the bassline could have evolved into something more complex. Decent bell melodies over the top, the bells work alright and the strings are probably my favorite part. The keys do have a real good sound tho and the harmonization is quite smooth. Diggin the large phased synth.

I was mainly waiting for something big to happen in this track-but it just never really happened. At one point you could have made the bassline and plucked synth have a more complex rhythm and then pick up a more active (like with a constant hi-hat hit in eighth notes) , interesting beat to make everything flow well and not sound overly simplistic at the same time.

another flaw (which I really don't need to point out since you've got some cool new sounds as presented in your latest tracks) was the overall sound quality. The overall mix seems to quiet (trying adding louder notes as the track buildups) , and of course, just needs some varyin reverb levels to make a deeper sound. and lose those drum samples :)

so a satisfactory work here man, just not my favorite from you ;)

wyldfyre1 responds:

yeah, i totally understand what you mean. Problem was at the time i had no new sounds hah. Now i do thank goodness.. However this is still a work in progress and i'm sure i'm gonna work on it.. I agree with the leadup sound that goes no where.. I've been working on getting some better sounds out of this.. Truthfully i kinda liked how 1.0 sounded better so i may be going back to some of the older stuff on this and add more =). I've always ment to add better drum samples on this. Look for updated versions of this coming in the future and hopefully i'll get the sound that i'm happy with. I nearly didn't use phased synth.

again thanks for the great review =-)


i kinda like it

wyldfyre1 responds:

glad ya did =)