Reviews for "(WF1) Moonlight Knight 1.7"


cul this is awsome but it feels like its missing something!

wyldfyre1 responds:

hmm missing something? yeah i sometimes think the same thing.. we'll see what i can do to give it what its mising! thanks for the review.

another...WF1 track..

Dude this offbeat nonsense it really weird and i'll never understand the reason for it. The preset FL sounds are also very uninspiring. Normally I would take away for lack of sound quality but these FL sounds can sound much better. It's not a lack of quality it's a lack of execution. This again is very untouching. ...it's just dead. It's dead music. 2:26 or so was just bad how everything dropped in all at once. You know. It wasn't very good. Not at all. But hey whatever I guess i couldn't do better. Mr. Best Track.

wyldfyre1 responds:

True dat, another WF1 track! Glad ya noticed! hey thanks again for the honosty and all the great comments here. I'll remember to learn from it!

Pretty good

I'm only submitting a review, no score until the final comes out =).

It can go really far if you would stop being lazy :O.

wyldfyre1 responds:

Lazy? LOL hahahah i'll come up with something for this sucker hopefully soon hah. i've had a haaard time trying to come up with a better beat for it.. Anyway yeah i'll do my best to pop out the final soon! Thanks for the review.

sad, regal, fearful, hopeful

I found this song from your comment on the 1.0 version which is at the top of the charts. I love the song but that beat is a problem. Why not try changing it to more of a big band snare drum, complete with rolls? Then it would sound kind of like this imperial march thing...

Like a sad kingdom where the imperial army rules all and oppresses the people, but there is hope in the prophecy telling of an unlikely hero -- like something out of final fantasy 6 or secret of mana.

I think a really realistic sounding snare drum might work. Especially if it was very distant and faded so it's not drowning out the melody (but not so distant that it seems disconnected).

wyldfyre1 responds:

yeah, the beats always kinda been a problem with me to. Its to generic. I just threw it together at the time because i couldn't think of anything. I'm loving the imagination you have to this song! I may work on a new drum beat for this song here in a few just because it is a pretty generic sounding beat. (Truthfully i keep forgetting to do it haha) Thanks for the review!

good i like it :D

try listening to both the version at the same time that could give you some ideas? if there is no difference then don't blam me ok it's just a little hint

wyldfyre1 responds:

LOL whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Not sure i understand what you mean. But thanks for the review and the great score