Reviews for "(WF1) Moonlight Knight 1.7"

Esse Merece em Português

excelente música, combina a batida suave perfeitamente com o tema oriental e, ao mesmo tempo passa aquela energia da música Eletrônica, gerando um som extremamente agradável, suave e, ao mesmo tempo enérgica e contagiante.

Meus Parabéns amigo, acabei de torná-la um de meus favoritos =)

wyldfyre1 responds:

Ok, infelizmente, eu não undestand portugues * Esperando thats que este é hah * Soooo eu posso compreender algumas das palavras ... Para adicioná-lo graças ao seu favs e graças à grande revisão! ^_~

Very NIce or Super Great

Even if its still a demo IT ROCKS!!!! YEAAAHHH!!

wyldfyre1 responds:

Thanks! YOU ROCK hah =)

(: like it

smoooth song

wyldfyre1 responds:



Well dang man, make room for some other people! XD Haha...

Of course another track by you which is original and great in it's own way.
Nothing I could single out on this, it all went real well together, I liked it all around.

Keep it up man.


wyldfyre1 responds:

I'll be sure to do that! I just came out of a huge writing block and then wrote the newest song so i'm trying not to over do it and come out one after another. Don't wanna get burnt out like i was lol. Thanks for the great review!

Great idea...

I like this melody, but it doesn't sound like a professional song to me. I wouldn't hear it on the radio or buy a CD of it. I think the problem is with the instruments. Some are nice, but some just bad. The percussion makes it sound like a circus or parade. I jsut wish some of the percussion was more modified and altered. I really do like the melody, though.

wyldfyre1 responds:

The percussion on this is something i've wanted to work on for a while. I've just had alot of trouble coming up with a decent sounding beat for this. hehe thanks for the great review =) This ones far from done i'll do what i can to make it better in the long run.