Reviews for "(WF1) Moonlight Knight 1.7"


I love it, has a delicate texture, one of the best things yet. :D

wyldfyre1 responds:

thanks for the review! glad you liked it.

Very nice!

This song has a really nice dreamy feel to it. Some instruments could use a little more reveerb but its still very nice =D.


Good work on this =D. (Also fits title)

wyldfyre1 responds:

yeah, I agree on the reverb hah. I'm still not done with this song though so i'm sure i'll come up with something hehe.

Its good, but...

its just BARELY too mellow for me... it IS good enough for me to download, but somehow i see it in my ZeN's "Rarely Heard" List. Just too slow, but otherwise i completely like it.

wyldfyre1 responds:

yeah, but slows my style i guess hah. the ambient slow kinda stuff lol. Its rare i make something thats super upbeat and crazy. I may look into doing that though. Thanks for the review! =)

very good'' :]

i like the bells and the echos u did very good on making this u should make more songs like this ur good at making music.

wyldfyre1 responds:

thanks alot =) thanks for the review also.

Personally, it's not my taste.

Bad Part: There isn't really errors, it's just my taste and your music doesn't collide. Sometimes, mistakes can become part of a song. I'm pretty sure there are some AWESOME flawed hit songs, maybe Radiohead for example? But that's all I'm gonna give you. You're doing great, I don't want to change your style and potential.

Good Parts: Changing instruments often+, loops that changed styles+, Timing was great+, Good use of making certain instruments standing out+, you put this song within a constant range of emotions, Mellow+.

Advice: Well, it's not my taste, despite that, I still rate your song a 7.67. Rounding up to an 8. This is more of a bonus for people. That is if you want to do extra credit because I can't really find many faults in your song. One advice would be adding something new, or changing the style, or put in a random saying, or all of the above. Other than that, I can't really be much of help. Anyways, goodluck! You're rated higher than possibly 80% of the songs I've heard.


wyldfyre1 responds:

hah,thanks for the review. A nice long one too with lots of advice and good stuff like that! yeah i understand what its like to hear a song thats not in your taste. None the less great review and thanks again.