Reviews for "Gigantor Hunting in the Forest"

haha man thats great!

the work you've been puttin into your organic 3d has really been shinning lately,

keep it up man!

Osuka responds:

Thanks dude, Im really happy with the result of this character, always i was scared of making organics.

Now I need to learn how to manipulate Fire and Smoke for another render that i have in mind :D

this is so epic

my good sir if this could be rated 11 i would because this is the next levle, AND I DEMAND AN ACTION FIGURE BE MADE OF GIGANTOR! because he is brutal and funny at the same time. well done dude

Osuka responds:

I want too a gigantor figure, well there are some places where you can print your 3dmodels, but is too damn expensive


The first thing I said when i saw this was...

OVER 9000/10

Now that he's 3-D

He's going to destroy Facebook FOR A WEEK!..... FOREVER!!!! (evah,evah,evah,evah)

Señor Verde.

Muy bueno, luego me muestras como se hacen esas vainas en 3d, pero no para personajes sino escenarios...; saludos.