Reviews for "Gigantor Hunting in the Forest"

this is so epic

my good sir if this could be rated 11 i would because this is the next levle, AND I DEMAND AN ACTION FIGURE BE MADE OF GIGANTOR! because he is brutal and funny at the same time. well done dude

Osuka responds:

I want too a gigantor figure, well there are some places where you can print your 3dmodels, but is too damn expensive

That's Brutal

So right now I'm wondering why I can't buy a statue of this. Because I fucking need it.

Osuka responds:

I think the same every night :(


need i say more? Its great man. too much detail??? wtf does that mean??? lol nah man its a great rendition of the original.. one question though: why is Gigantor hunting with a kitchen knife??

Osuka responds:

because he is going for a little meal, he uses the heavy weapon with bigger enemies, like the Jade Monkey Dragon

Are you listening Utah?


Facebook Twitter is one of my favorite flashs here and this is amazing. Keep up the awesome work

Osuka responds:

Steve was my fav Jeff´s character, but since Facebook Twitter i love this guy... in a not gay way...cock joke

Gigantor is so badass


kinda looks like the hulk (body wise)