Reviews for "Gigantor Hunting in the Forest"

Shrek's Dad!

haha it is really good, and i'm sure it is Shrek's dad!

mr. green

its link!! no wait, its the HULKS dad!

he looks green with envy

I'm with Wegra and SolloE210...

He looks like the love-child of Shrek and Mike Haggar. I love it.

Osuka responds:

I was thinking in the Hulk and Haggar ahaha


Looks really good, nice job on the detail and everything.

I do have one question though... is it just me or does he remind anyone of Mike Hagger from Final Fight?
The mustache, the chest belt and big muscles. Was he based on Mike or was that just a coincidence?

Still, don't get me wrong... It is really good.

Osuka responds:

Hahaha, is based on a character made by JohnnyUtah, and he remind me too M. Haggar. If you want to make a character manlier, add him a moustache HAHAHA

Check in JohnnyUtah´s profile for the animation "Facebook Twitter"


Love it...but what up with that tiny dagger. He should have the blade helmet XD.

Osuka responds:

Is just hunting for a little meal XD. A horse maybe