Reviews for "Gigantor Hunting in the Forest"


I find this guy very funny to look upon. Nice pic!

Osuka responds:

Thanks :D

Bulging biceps of brutality

Where is the head of a Jade Monkey Dragon?!

Osuka responds:

I knew that i forgot something, maybe is near to the Draconius corpse hahaha

haha man thats great!

the work you've been puttin into your organic 3d has really been shinning lately,

keep it up man!

Osuka responds:

Thanks dude, Im really happy with the result of this character, always i was scared of making organics.

Now I need to learn how to manipulate Fire and Smoke for another render that i have in mind :D

Wow looks awesome.

By the way is it just me or does he look almost like Mike Haggar? I think I've been playing to much Final Fight. Lols

Osuka responds:

Hahaha I was thinking the same. Maybe he is the lost son of Haggar and the She-Hulk


Looks very nice. I think thats a knife in his hand... Seems the wrong style of weapon for him. :S Maybe a giant hammer/sword? Regardless, great great job.

Osuka responds:

Thanks, I made another weapon like a hammer, but doenst look good in this composition, I will use it in another render :)