Reviews for "Gigantor Hunting in the Forest"


If I was Utah, I'd be crying tears of joy for how beautiful this turned out!

Outstanding work, Osuka!

Osuka responds:

hahaha thanks :)

Yodo Got some roids

Damn that ugly.


its aweosomellygreatestamazinG!

Almost Perfect

Only two minor things:
-His hand holding the knife looks a little loose
-The buckle on his chest doesn't have the rod in the middle, going through the hole.

Other wise, its frikkin awesome


but there's something troubling me.

it's too perfect almost life like as in an action figure.

the film grane takes away the likeness of it being in 3D and well dont get this as me being a dick but i think there's a bit too much detail

i love your oragnics though i really do.
maybe i just have different taste.

but all in all its great


Osuka responds:

I just wanted to get experimental with the effects and the realism of the textures
I like those blur backgorunds with saturated colors XD