Reviews for "SR - 77"

holy moly dev

absolutely lush man...
uber niceness...
...and things of this nature...
put up a finshed version of bringing saxy back, joy

SineRider responds:

Glad you like it.

Wha wha wha?? That was only a demo, I must chceck this out ;)


one of the most relaxing songs I've ever heard on ng yo

ain't got nothin' more to add than that

hidden pizzi's :D

you release tracks like this just like it's nothing... dude, this is brilliant!
very psychedelic, which is great. loving the portamento pads.
reminds me of many of your tracks, including machine-face, stringed pie, and meel.
really awesome, just perfect.

Good one.

I like the way this song slowly builds up. Very well done!

Flawless brilliance.

This is, without a doubt, the best song on Newgrounds, and quite possibly one of the greatest songs ever created in existence. It's melodic, catchy, relaxing, atmosphering... Like floating peacefully through space. I get a happy feeling inside every time I listen to this.

It's unbelievable.