Reviews for "The Return of Ganondorf"

Funniest Zelda Parody since the LQFA series!

LOL that was the funniest Zelda spoof since the infamous LQFA series. This makes me want to......... makes me want to.........learn how to make flash animations. lol

Anyway, keep up the good work, LF.


Making Link look like a paranoid psycho was priceless, kudos to you!!!

great flash

is i could give a 100 for humor i would give it that as i split my sides laughing

good work

Way otta place

ok this is funny as hell i couldent breath i was laughing so hard but one problem was when ganandorf was in there room i doubt he would do that and they would let him if i tryed that i would be hunted by them

My fav movie! :O

This movie is brilliant.The Sound is smooth the graphics are amazing,it makes you laugh.The first ten anyone ever got from me goes to u! :O