Reviews for "The Return of Ganondorf"

i gave 3 in violence cause of navi slap lol

plus the renactment thing was pretty funny. I've watch all ur films and this i rate two causei think lotr the one ring to rule them all2 was better


Lol chicken dance...great job keep making flash movies you got serious talent lol go legendary frog!
*sings saria's song in head*

one word.....wow

Absolutely fantasitic.....by far the best Zelda work i've seen. I can relate to the Saria's song thing =P *goes off singing it*.

Funniest Zelda Parody since the LQFA series!

LOL that was the funniest Zelda spoof since the infamous LQFA series. This makes me want to......... makes me want to.........learn how to make flash animations. lol

Anyway, keep up the good work, LF.


Making Link look like a paranoid psycho was priceless, kudos to you!!!