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Reviews for "mariana"

so smoooooth and uplifting!
not only is this in your usual clean, creamy style but also has Geoplex-type melodies.
your music has a very unique charm to it.

wilidacious responds:

thank you so much! i really appreciate it!

Sounds of 70s ugh I love it

wilidacious responds:

hah, thank you!

Like the others I am also getting a modern 80s vibe with the synths mostly. The slow tempo is interesting, I haven’t seen much of that recently for this type of music. Progression is great as always. Outro is better here than previously because the melody slowly fades away into background chords with a dissonant chord right at the end. Definitely very unique and well done.

wilidacious responds:

thanks! much appreciated!

Groovy! Sounds 80's, which I love

wilidacious responds:

thank you!

Love it

I love the soft tune here did think some added build up within it would be nice too, Good tune you have here, there could be some changes but I will get to that later but to be honest it was a good piece and has a certain kick to it, Another track here with some decent Rhythm, And so thats that a good tune here with a nice and unique vibe about it, you really gave this a kick, and I like how that payed off in results. so end results are you have a well composed piece, here and we all appreceate the effort you put in.

love the soft tune here did think some added build up within it would be nice too


wilidacious responds:

thank you! i actually debated whether or not to add a few bars of intro to the song, without drawing things out too much. i will maybe try seeing how it sounds again after i get a day or two of space and can look at it with a bit more subjectivity. much appreciated!