Reviews for "night city"


The detail of the buildings and lights is astounding, the moon and the stars make it look so clean. Makes me think that the future will not be run by machines but a very peaceful life.


One of the neatest illustrations I've ever seen. Something about the colors and the depth... just awesome.


Absolutely stunning. It's my new desktop background! I really love your work.

this is te only art to make my fave for a while

on my old NG account i used to fave a piece of art and then that would be my desktop/profile picture/and layout on verious sites (with the artist credited) for a week , but lately there hasnt been any good enough but this however is really cool i love it for some reason, good job :D

Not sure what this has to do with Legendary Frog

But either way Holy Shit I'm totally using this as my Desktop.