Reviews for "night city"

Fantastic Backdrop looks like something you'd see in a movie or high budget sci fi show

This is another awesome piece of art! Night Cities along with Galaxies are probably my most favorite pieces of art. And this one is a fantastic one! Gotta love that coloring and the lights coming from the buildings :3

A nice city with great coloring.

This look amazing! It must took you for ages to finished this! I can see why this art got awards! Permission to used this as my desktop ? :)

Here's another great picture from you! I especially love how everything goes on a slope. I don't see why a real life city would be like that, but I don't care. I really do love the atmosphere. It gives off a good notion of being in a wonderful place. I think it forms a face.

I like how there are two moons indicating it's on another planet. It must be nice to live on a planet like that. The two moons are the eyes and the skyline could be a grin. It's great to see the little lights that are there. I can see why this got awards.