Reviews for "night city"

Awsome city, and effects

Oh nice work here, it was kinda small atfirst but as you look in for the detail, everything starts to comeout, which was neat, i really like the fact that you placed two {MOONS} this kinda reminded me of something out of {STARWARS} as it looks alot like the city backround there, you also had some nice {EFFECTS} like the lighting around the moons, i thought you could have added abit more detail with the city and some extra lighting effects there, not sure if this is a futureistic city or not but would have been nice, if you had some {SHIPS} flying around and such, just needs a little extra stuff like that i thought, but for what it is, its an awsome piece, so for suggestions of improving some ships flying around if its a futureistic place if not maybe just some planes and or some birds, but seems like it is a futureistic style place, but anyways keep up the good work, i look forward to some more soon.

I ran a few ideas above, about more lighting effect within the {CITY} and maybe some {SHIPS} also.


another amazing work of art!

love the city scape on the realistic night background.


This is yet another example of your artistic genius! Well done!

Tekno's Opinion

I think I've seen this Long Ago, On A Galaxy Far Away ;)
Very beautiful work, my congratulations....


This is pretty amazing work. I love the detail you put in the lighting from the windows and between the buildings. Did you come up with the technique for illustrating buildings like this yourself, or did you learn it from another source? It would be pretty handy to know more about how to use the technique you used here.