Reviews for "night city"


Wow, WHAT intense details! I can see you put a lot fo time into this, good job man!


One Word, DETAIL!


I zoomed in on it, and the detail is amazing! You actually took the time to make all of the clouds, and the stars shining through them, and the detail is so exact! Although I don't understand the slightest bit of why your comment was "lengendary frog goes nuts." Awesome piece of work, 11/10.


The detail of the buildings and lights is astounding, the moon and the stars make it look so clean. Makes me think that the future will not be run by machines but a very peaceful life.


Looks like a futuristic version of Starry Night, resemblances especially prominent in the colors.

It's the most beautiful cityscape I've seen in while. I like how you detail everything down to the windows and fire escapes. Really nice work.