Reviews for "weebl and bob: wee-lo"

Hahaha... Freaky.

This is your first episode ever submitted? Still funny. xD

When he says break...

When he said break it down it sounded like something from "Car thief" by the beastie boys, but knowing the beasties i'd say its apart of someone elses song, i need to know what song that is.... Besides, you'd **** yourself if you saw a naked man holding a knife having his manjunk flopping around as he ran towards you

Just because...

I is vote # 7000 and review # 650

I loves e tehWeebl

YAY FOR WEEBL and sometimes weebls friend bob

loved all of it.

btw archon? this is an early weebl and bob. you should check out some more. also, the audio is ment to be like that, fool. Theweebl is an acomplished animator and if he wanted, he would use proper audio

I thought you two were homies.

xD I love Weebl and Bob..... Much like I love all your other submissions.
Bum clouds!