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Reviews for "Featherheart"

Best of luck recording the birds - it's a lot harder than it seems!

Syamori responds:

Thanks... Given the fact that I can't find such recordings, I'm probably going to need it lol

I like it!

It is so amazing and relaxing! This is the best I've heard lately

This is killer. What equipment did you use for recording?

Syamori responds:

Thanks! Here's the list of my equipment:

Mic: Electro-Voice RE27
Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro
Monitors: Alesis M1 Active Mk2
DAC's/Interfaces: Topping E30, JDS Labs Atom, Focusrite Scarlett Solo
Midi Keyboards: M-Audio Keystation 49es, Arturia Minilab mk II
Software: Ableton Live, Composer Cloud, EW Spaces II, Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra, Omnisphere, Guitar Rig, Manipulator, Reference 4, Youlean Loudness Meter, iZotope Ozone/Neutron/RX8/Tonal Balance Control, ASIO Link Pro
Instruments: Didgeridoo, 16" Thunder Drum, Duduk
PC: 5950x, 1660 Super, CTR (Nvidia enables me to multithread Ableton, effectively allowing me to compose at 192k with this processor)

Not all of these were used in the recording of this specific song, but it is generally what I use. Because of interference issues and the fact that I didn't have a deadcat, I wasn't able to record the birds with my mic. I ended up fixing the noise problem with RX8, which has excellent noise removal functions.

Almost sounds it's from a Minecraft fantasy mod.