Reviews for "Armed with Courage"

Fantastic battle song!

When I listen to this song, I definately picture some major boss fight in a game. Great tune, awesome song title too. It's very fitting. Good job!

NemesisTheory responds:

Haha, bossfight. As it so happens I'm remaking this one into a more bossfight-esque style for Fear Unlimited II, better guitars, drums and heavy pianowork. I might upload it once it's done . ;)

I'm glad you like it! Much love. :D


This is a good high-tech style bgm. I really wish I KNEW HOW TO MAKE GAMES. It just annoys me that others are making good stuff and have good ideas and creating them. I'm kinda jealous. I'll learn one day though and when I do this is on it.


I've heard better... But this ain't bad. I do like the distortion, HOWEVER! The Percussion Set (not sure what you use) could be replaced by something... more synth-y than what you have. That would make me love this (and possibly have a joy-induced brain trauma) very much.

An Ei/Te (8/10, for those not imaginative enough to figure it out) and a fo/fi (4/5, for those who can't tie their own shoe.)


That was one heck of a song. Nice distortion, but maybe a bit too much change in melody, for you can't keep humming the song all day long, it's too complex for that.
Not sure if that is a bad thing though... an 8.