Reviews for "Armed with Courage"

Whenever i get an idea for a game, I program it. Whenever I'm programming, I put this song on loop. This song with its beeping and space like theme, inspires me whenever I'm programming. 5 stars for you.

this makes me goes like IMMA SHOOT MYUH--- ok sorry, its bizzareness of the bass fits in the background but just a very very minor tone down on the beepingness of the techno

Outrageously awesome!

I'm having trouble finding enough words to express how awesome this is! I love all of your work, and I really love this song, I imagine the heroes faced with a time limit to save the world from the great evil that threatens to destroy it, I feel inspired whenever I hear your music, keep up the good work!

Repeat button :D

I love how this song loops perfectly on my Ipod, I listened to this for about 1-2 hours just because it's awesome.

Old tracks

Hearing this, you sure have progressed a lot. I especially liked your Still Blastin'

Butterscotch yo!