Reviews for "Armed with Courage"

This reminds me...

...of an episode of some show or other (can't remember which one, could have been star trek) where a guy took on the whole fleet of a space empire (with battle cruisers and everything) in just one tiny ship AND WON.

i Feel power ! MORE POWER !!

WOAH your song is so powerfull !!!!
What you put in it ?!? a Nuclear Fusion reactor ?!!

10 / 10

Megaman, eh...

...sounds like a fusion of music from X, X4 and X5 in a Battle Network 3 style.
I like it big time!

You give me the courage! =D

I can kill my teacher now!

Thanks to you!

This gives me an idea,

If I ever get into a fight, I'm gonna be like "hold up" and ask my opponent to give me a second to put this song on.