Reviews for "Armed with Courage"

Hmm... Familiar...

Reminds me of the Guardian base attack in Megaman ZX. I like it, but I wouldn't say it would be for a boss battle, more like a stage. Overall, though, Impressive.

I'm only using 9 stars because its a little squeaky, but it fits in good other than that.


i want to use this on my game
do you have the midi? (isnt necesary but its better)

!Another Hit!

This is the second song I've heard that was made from you and holy crap this song is extremely impressive for one person to produce at any point in time!Your one of the best and talented and you should continue the excellent work that continue your Legacy!

This really does arm with courage.

This is a great song, with tons of energy. If scientists could harness this power, we'd have fusion cracked in no time.


Good Great Scott, even your older works are awesome! This is diffinatly professional quality stuff! I really hope a game company hires you for your talents!