Reviews for "Armed with Courage"

Nice one ^^

I don't know the related games.... but I really like this epic style of music :P
Nicely done ^^
I wanna hear more music from you in the future :P
Good luck on the next one ;)

VERY Megamanish

It's soooooooooo freakin awesome!!! It remindes me of
EVERY final boss in EVERY megaman game, rolled into one - That would be an epic fight...anyhow, it's awesome!!! Megaman, X, Zero, Axl, Proto, Bass, Colonel, Vent, Aile, Ashe, Grey, Lan, and Geo would all bow in respect to you if they heard this :) (aka that's every megamn i could think of - I think thats all of them)

Just like the song I reviewed a few minutes ago.

I really, really enjoyed having it play through a few times. Listening to this definitely gave me a pumped-up feeling. It did it's job, which is to excite the listener. You're a very talented composer, Nemesis. :D

A truly epic theme.

As per the usual, another utterly epic theme from you NT.

Uh, yea.

I like this song. Only the guitar sound, that is very familiar to all FL Studio users, scared me off a bit, but then I listened to the song a little more and I think it fits in almost perfectly.
I still wonder how would it sound with real guitar instead of FL Slayer one.

Nevertheless, This is really good song.